We are One Nation

We are One Nation

May 31, 2020

Dear Friends, 

I am so happy to tell everyone that we will have signs again this year for Love Lives USA. It has been a miracle and I want to invite everyone to be a part of it.

Thank you for reading my story.

In early May I was in Walgreens in Hinsdale and there was man behind me in line who looked a little down on his luck. He was wearing a hat with the words "Air-Cav" and so I asked him what that meant. He responded "We did with helicopters what used to be done with horses. When they were in trouble, we went in and got them out." 

I knew immediately that he had been in Vietnam and so I thanked him for his service to our county. He replied, "I did it for our country. I did it for our Nation. We are one Nation you know." He had my full attention. He looked me straight in the eyes and said again. "We are ONE Nation". 

"One Nation" is one of our signs.

I was blown away thinking about what this man had lived and what he had said to me. I really felt that I had been visited by an angel to encourage me to keep pressing this message of Love for America. 

This man's words and his sacrifice gave me the courage to approach a fellow Hinsdale Central graduate who I knew to be a person of great integrity who is also President of Hinsdale Bank and Trust. We were at Fullers Car wash on a Sunday morning. A financial sponsorship followed that was enough to purchase a significant amount of signs in the Chicagoland area over the July 4th weekend.

And then I went on a date and when I told this story, this lovely man immediately sent me a matching amount on his phone via PayPal. He told me that thought it was a great idea. It meant a lot for many reasons and honestly, even more of an encouragement given that he was a brain surgeon. A brain surgeon thought an artist had a good idea and he backed it up. I had to keep going. 

We could put these signs all across America.

So, I have this dream and it still remains that that the change that needs to happen in America starts in the Heartland, in Illinois, in Chicago, in Hinsdale and Lagrange and Clarendon Hills and in the Alumni of Hinsdale Central. After all, it really is our turn. We have been gifted. Let's celebrate America and remember that Love can change our Reality. Love is waiting to be asked.

I am hoping that you would like to be a part of this and if so, please visit lovelivesusa.org, click on Support Us and donate via the GoFundMe page. When you sponsor the digital boards leave a message and I will add your family name or honorarium to a loved one, a service personal or veteran. 

These boards are so beautiful. 

10 x 10 city boards are sponsored at $200 for July 1 to 4th.
20 x 60 highway boards are sponsored at $400 for July 1 to 4th.

Mine will be for my Uncle Bob.

And in the Fall we will begin an outreach to Veterans, mainly because later in May I met another Vietnam vet, a Marine. He said to me "You got a coffee pot in the lobby of that fancy apartment building over there, because I need somebody to talk to." Message received. I will be working on that.

With Love and Gratitude for America, Maureen Claffy

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